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Office: Postgraduate School (University) of Administrative Sciences Speyer,
Senior Professor for Public Administration, Development Policy and Public Law
Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str.2 D-67346 Speyer/Rhine Phone: ++49 (0) 6232-654-345

Personal Data

Date of Birth: 7 July 1944
Place of Birth: Deutsch-Krone/Pomerania
Nationality: German
Marital Status: Married: Dr. Daniela Pitschas

Brief Resume

Obtaining Master of Public Administration (1963) from Public Administration School of Berlin, and Ph. D. from the Free University of Berlin in Public Law and Social Policy (1982); Habilitation at the Institute of Political Science and Public Law
(Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität), Munich/Bavaria (1988), Honorary doctor of the Academy of Management, Ulaanbataar/Mongolia (2007).


Retired Professor for Administrative Science, Development Policy and Public Law/Speyer.

Previous Positions

Chair for Administrative Science, Development Policy and Public Law/Speyer
Senior Lecturer for Public Law and Public Administration, University
of Munich; Senior Lecturer at the Free University of Berlin, Law School;
Professor at the University of Saarland/Saarbrücken, Law School;
Head of Social Welfare Administration in Schöneberg/Berlin.

Professional Status

Lectures as a Guest Professor at a number of Universities and Research Institutions in Côte d'Ivoire, Maroc, Mongolia, Philippines, India (Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur), Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan and PR China; participated in a number of national and international conferences and seminars. Convener of the International Institute for Administrative Sciences, International Political Science Association (IPSA) and Association for Law- and Social Philosophy, Society for International Development etc.; Consultant to national Government Agencies and Foundations in South and Eastern Europe, Arabia, Asia and also to UNDP; Consultant to the China-Europe PA-Programme.


Forms of Law and Organisation for Cooperation and Integration of Institutions for Correspon-dence Courses (1975); Restructuring of Social Services (1977); Rulings in Public Law: A Collection (1982); Municipal Economy between Bureaucracy and Business Structure (1982); Freedom and Steering of Professions (1983); Privacy of Information and Public Responsibility for Information (1984); Responsibility of Public Administration and Administrative Proceedings (1990); Standardisation of Social Security in Brazil and Peru, 2nd ed. (1991); The European Welfare State and his Institutions (ed.) (1993); Perspectives in Future of Development Administration (1993); Administrative Integration in The New German Federal Countries of Germany (ed.) (1993); Reform of Public Administration Proceeding Law (ed.) (1994); Public Administration and Socio-Ecological Development Partnership (ed.) (1994); New Institutionalism in Development Policy (ed. - with R. Sülzer) (1995); About the Role of Social Partners in the European Integration Process (1996); Policy and Law of Internal Security in Middle and Eastern Europe (ed.) (1996); Personnel Cooperation in the Field of Administrative Partnership with the South (ed.) (1998); Development of Constitutional and Administrative Law in South Korea and Germany (ed.) (1998); New Tendencies in Germany´s Civil Services (1999); Police and private security (2000), Modernization of State and Administrative Law within the Limits of European Integration Constitution (ed. with Christian Koch) (2002), Options of Reforms in the Legal Health Insurance (ed. with Axel Benz, Hans-Josef Klockner, Raimund Nossek, Herbert Schmitt) (2002), Participation of Handicapped Persons in the Civil Society in Asia and Europe - Integration in Social and Legal Comparison (ed. with Bernd Baron von Maydell, Bernd Schulte) (2002), Integration of State and Constitution in the Mirror of German and Japanese Public and Administrative Law (ed. with Shigeo Kisa) (2002), Integrated Financial Services Supervision (ed.) (2002), European Public Procedure Law (ed. with Hermann Hill) (2004), Trusted Governance due to Public Value Management (2006), Trade and Development under the WTO (ed.) (2007), Alternative Dispute settlement in Public Procedure and legal proceedings (with Harald Walther) (2008), Decentralization in Comparison - Local Governance in Germany and South East Asia at the Beginning of the 21st Century (ed.) (2008) and a large number of research articles, papers and chapters in national and international journals, books and compendiums.

Publications to "The Law of Information-Technology and Interchange of Information"; to "Foreign Public Law and International Relations of Public Administration", to "Speyerer Social Publication in Public Administration Science"; to "Speyerer Social Publication in Health Policy and Law".

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Public Law and Administrative Sciences; Social and Health Policy and Law, Comparative Politics, Public Policy Analysis, International Relations and Development Administration.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. iur. habil. Dr. h.c. mult. Rainer Pitschas
- Emeritus

Telefon:   06232 / 654-345

Deutsche Universität für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer

Postfach 14 09 - 67324 Speyer
Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 2
67346 Speyer