EUTIP Conference "Global Politics and EU Free Trade Policy"

10-11 December2018


Alisauskas, Raimondas

Security Exceptions in the WTO Law
Caka, FjoralbaThe EU Regulation of State Aid in the DCFTAs Countries: Observing the WTO Rules or Donating a Trojan Horse?
Chen, Xuechen and
Gao, Xinchuchu

The EU's Trade Policy Towards Asia: Case Studies of China and ASEAN

Conway, GerardSymmetry and Diversity in EU FTAs
Curran, Louise and
Eckhardt, Jappe
Revising Trade Policy for a Globo-Skeptic age - An Exploration of EU Policy Options
Footer, Mary E.The Relationship of EU-FTAs to Multilateral Trade Rules in a Rapidly Polarising and Isolationist  World
Furculita, CorneliaCETA and JEEPA DSMs Competing with the WTO DSM: Procedural Considerations
Horváthy, BalázsEnvironmental Standards in the New EU Antidumping Rules: Rhetoric or Reality?
Hrynkiv, Olga"Security Exception" Reconsidered
Jaremba, UrszulaThe Models of (Effective) Externalization of EU Values and Standards in International Trade: From "the Brussel's Effect" to Unilateral Coercion
Jozipovic, SimeA Cooperation-Based Approach for Fair Competition Within the EU and Beyond
Mancini, IsabellaDeepening Trade and Fundamental Rights? The Interplay Between Regulatory Cooperation and Data Protection Rights
Marceddu, Maria LauraInvestment Facilitation in the WTO Mulitlateral Agenda: Amour Impossible? Drawing Inspirations from the EU-India IFM
Papaconstantinou, George

Financial Services Liberalization under EU FTAs

RSCAS 2018_63

Romanchyshyna, IuliannaTBT in EU "New Generation" FTAs - An Example of Open or Conflicting Regionalism?
Vermulst, EdwinAre the EU's Trade Defence Instruments WTO Compliant?