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Doctoral Studies

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Doctoral Studies

The university also is authorized to award the following doctoral degrees:

There is no special doctoral programme with a regular graduate school programme and compulsory courses. But counseled by their supervisors the students may nevertheless choose some courses to broaden their skills. Almost all of our courses are in German language, so good skills in German language are very important.

The respective degree is awarded on the basis of a doctoral thesis and an oral examination. In accordance with the interdisciplinary teaching and research approach of the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, the oral examination covers several subjects. In this connection we refer to the "Promotionsordnung" (General Rules for Doctoral Studies, in German language)

Admission procedure

1. Step (self check)

An international applicant who is interested in applying for a PhD at Speyer University must hold a master degree or a comparable degree. Concerning the latter he or she  has to prove by an appropriate document that he or she affiliates to the best third of all graduates in his or her master-programme's graduation year.

2. Step (finding of a supervisor)

The applicant should develop a proposal concerning the subject of his intended dissertation within the field of state and public administration.
Then he or she should identify a supervisor who is willing to guide his research. The student should check the list of our professorial chairs and verify the research interest of each of our professors. Afterwards he should contact the potential supervisor directly and send a brief and well-structured outline of his proposed PhD project, a CV and a copy of his master degree. The applicant should take into account that this procedure might take some time.

3. Step (formal admission)

Once the applicant has received a letter of acceptance from his or her supervisor, he or she should apply for formal admission. At this stage, the Ph.D.-commission checks the applicant's eligibility as a doctoral candidate. This involves completing an application that includes:

4. Step (enrolment)

The next step is to enroll. There are several advantages in being enrolled as a doctoral candidate, for instance a better legal status as a foreign resident. To be eligible for enrolment, the university must first accept the application for doctoral studies. However, we do not require doctoral candidates to officially enroll at the university.



The university has no shoplarships at it's disposal.


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