Welcome to the Chair for Social Security Law and Public Administration

Our research focus is set on social security legislation, including its European and international aspects as well as its overlap with labour law and migration law.

Office hours

Consultation hour will be offered by appointment. Please contact us via e-mail (janda@uni-speyer.de).


Current developments and events

Due to current developments regarding the Corona-Virus, the 3rd Speyer social law conference, scheduled for 19. March 2020 to 20. March 2020, was be cancelled!

„We ask for your understanding, but reliable planning is currently not feasible. Nevertheless, we won’t forego the exciting topic of local 'prevention chains' for children and young people. As soon as the situation settles down, we will offer an alternative date for the conference. We will continuously keep you informed about our planning and very much hope to welcome you in Speyer at a later date. “

Prof. Dr. Constanze Janda


Save the Date: the new date for the social law conference is the 11. and 12. March 2020!


Due to current developments regarding the Corona-Virus, the 22nd Speyer health conference in cooperation with the BKK Mitte, the SVLFG and the KBS, scheduled for 30. March 2020 to 31. March 2020, also was cancelled!


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