Welcome to the department of Public Management!

Public Management as an academic field generates knowledge on the goal-oriented design as well as the governance of public services delivery. Along these lines, the department seeks to describe, explain, and design the management of, and the management in organizations in the public sector. Our research interest however also extends to the intersections between public administration or state-owned enterprises and non-profit organizations or for-profit oriented organizations that deliver public services, e.g. in networks and partnerships.


The core themes of the department’s research and teaching are:

  • Performance Management, Accounting and Accountability in the Public Sector
  • Public Personnel Management, Public Service Motivation
  • Public Sector Innovation
  • State-Owned Enterprises; Public, Social and Cooperative Economy
  • Non-Profit-Organizations as Providers of Public Services and as Partners of the Public Sector

The integration of theory and practice, and close links to the international scientific community in the field of public management are core values of the department. The latter allow for the latest findings in basic research as well as in practice-oriented research from different country contexts to inform the department’s teaching and executive education.   

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sanja Korac
Lehrstuhl für Public Management - Lehrstuhlinhaberin, Wissenschaftliche Leitung des FKS • Führungskolleg Speyer

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