15th Course of the FKS • Führungskolleg Speyer – Berlin Week

From 16 to 20 January 2023, participants of the 15th course of the FKS • Führungskolleg Speyer, a training program for leaders in the German public administration, will dive in to the political and administrative world of Berlin! In addition to visiting the German Bundestag including exchanges with members of the Bundestag on the topics of discrimination protection in digital policy, climate change and food security, as well as social and health policy, the program includes, among others, visiting and exchanging with stakeholders in the Bundesrat, the Federal Chancellery, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection; the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection; and the Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Home Affairs. We are particularly pleased to welcome Federal Minister Dr. Wissing and State Secretary Höppner from the Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport, as well as the President of the Robert Koch Institute, Prof. Wieler, to the FKS away week. The current 15th course of the FKS • Führungskolleg Speyer runs until mid-2024 and nine course weeks are still ahead, at the campus Speyer as well as in Vienna, Brussels, and other key administrative cities.


IRSPM 2023 in Budapest

Sarah Müller and Prof. Sanja Korac will present part of their new research project at the IRSPM Conference 2023 in Budapest. The article entitled "The role of qualification, experience and financial literacy in the use of accounting information by politicians - impressions from the German state level" was accepted for the Accounting and Accountability panel. The IRSPM International Society for Public Management is the largest international scientific association in the field of public management. Prof. Korac is a board member and Communications Secretary of the IRSPM.

New Course on Scientific Research and Writing offers assistance in different phases of writing a seminar paper or thesis

Prof. Sanja Korac und Sarah Müller, M.A., introduce the course E 608 - Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten - Disziplinübergreifende Grundlagen und praktische Anwendung (Scientific Research and Writing – cross-disciplinary basics and application in practice) starting this winter semester. The course offers basics on scientific research and writing to students with different disciplinary backgrounds. The topics covered in class are basics of research design, methodological approaches, scientific writing and academic presentations, as well as evaluation criteria for seminar papers and theses. Participants are welcome to bring their current work (seminar paper or thesis) to class, checking directly with the recommended criteria and aspects presented by the lecturers, receiving individual feedback. Further, presentational skills will be trained directly in class. The course is open to all students of the University of Speyer, as a voluntary course (2 hours awarded in the transcript of records) that offers assistance usually provided by Academic Writing Centers or Writing Services in other universities.


New Course on Conflict Management by Dr. Victor Yurkov

Dr. Victor Yurkov, Research Assistant at the Department of Public Management as well as the FKS • Führungskolleg Speyer, introduces the new courseE 301 - Konfliktmanagement in der öffentlichen Verwaltung (Conflict Management in Public Administration)beginning this semester. As an experienced practitioner and trainer in conflict management, he has assisted in various conflict situations, among them in Afghanistan. Dr. Yurkov’s course aims to increase understanding of conflicts as well as different conflict resolution tools. Participants will widen their communication and conflict resolution skills, get to know the concepts of mediation and conflict management in the context of public administration and become familiar with methods of conflict analysis, participative decision-making, as well as instruments of early public participation.


Annual Workshop of the Public Service Accounting and Accountability Group – digital, 25 and 26 Oktober 2021

This year’s workshop of the Public Service Accounting and Accountability Group’s (PSAAG) -  a network of academics and practitioners in the field of public sector accounting, transparency and accountability – has been organized digital only, due to the pandemic situation. The organizer, Tom Overmans, and his colleagues from Utrecht university as well as practitioners from the municipality of Utrecht, had put together an inspiring program for about 70 participants. Prof. Korac, longstanding member of the Executive Committee of PSAAG, acted as facilitator of a sub-session on day two of the workshop, where Dr. Enrico Bracci and Dr. Luca Papi (both University of Ferrara) have presented their ideas on “Managing and Accounting for Public Value in Networks“. In contrast to traditional academic conferences, the workshop format is explicitly non-paper-presentation based. This allows an open dialogue between the participants. The mix of provocations that come from both the academic as well as the practitioner side, aim to facilitate the transfer of scientific findings into administrative practice.

More information on the workshop is available on the PSAAG website:


Strategy development in IRSPM - International Research Society for Public Management

Prof. Sanja Korac, member of the board of IRSPM – International Research Society, is involved in the society’s current strategy development process. The changing landscape of scientific conferences, the links between academic associations or societies to publishers, and the aspiration of representing academics from all world regions, but also IRSPM’s experience with online only conferences are key pillars for the re-positioning of IRSPM in the future.


Current Publications:

Corporatization in Local Government: Difference and Shared Experiences. In: Andrews, R./Van Genugten, M./Papenfuß, Ul/Torsteinsen, B. (eds.): Corporatization in Local Government: Differences and Shared Experiences. Palgrave: London (in press) (gemeinsam mit Saliterer, I.) (forthcoming)





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