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Latest Publications: 

Assessing the role of gender-related aspects in public budgeting debates: A view of the central level in Germany. International Review of Administrative Sciences, 00208523231156538 online first (together with S Mueller and S., Saliterer, I.)

Individual Resilience at the Heart of Work Design: Public Servants’ Job Satisfaction and Emotional Exhaustion in a Context of Adversity. Review of Public Personnel Administration 0734371X231162045 online first (together with Wursthorn, M. and Saliterer, I.)

Municipally Owned Corporations in Austria: High Popularity, Low Transparency. In: Andrews, R./Van Genugten, M./Papenfuß, Ul/Torsteinsen, B. (eds.): Corporatization in Local Government: Differences and Shared Experiences. Palgrave: London (together with Saliterer, I.)

Debate: Austria and Germany—diametrically-opposed approaches to gender budgeting. Public Money & Management, 1-2 (together with Moser-Plautz, B.)


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