Recent Publications

Sanja Korac, Iris Saliterer (forthcoming): Corporatization in Local Government: Difference and Shared Experiences. In: Andrews, R./Van Genugten, M./Papenfuß, Ul/Torsteinsen, B. (eds.): Corporatization in Local Government: Differences and Shared Experiences. Palgrave: London (in press)

Iris Saliterer, Sanja Korac (2020): New reporting tools at the central government level – experiences in light of a budgeting and accounting reform in Austria. In: Manes Rossi, F./Levy Orelli, R. (eds.): New Trends in Public Sector Reporting: Integrated Reporting and Beyond. Palgrave: London.

Please find the complete list of publications (as of November 2021) here.






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