Arrival by car


  • Head along the motorway A61 until the Speyer junction and then take the main road B9 in the direction of Speyer
  • B9 Exit Speyer-Dudenhofen n the direction of Speyer / Universität
  • Turn right at the first traffic lights onto Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße.
  • The main entrance to the teaching buildings is located here, along with a car park.
  • The Freiherr vom Stein Guest House is situated on the same street further down.
  • To reach the Otto Mayer Guest House and the research buildings please continue driving to the end of the street and turn right onto Otto-Mayer-Straße. After around 200 metres (level with the bus stop) the car park for the research buildings is situated on the right-hand side. The research building houses several professorial chairs and a research institute. After another 300 meters you will reach the car park for the Otto Mayer Guest House, located at the end of the street.

Arrival by train

From Mannheim Central Station (ICE-station) there are commuter train lines (S3 and S4 in the direction of Germersheim) that will take you to Speyer. The journey time is around 25 minutes. The respective current schedules for these trains can be found on the timetabling section of the Deutsche Bahn website.

  • Speyer Central Station is located about 1.5 km from the university.
  • We recommend taking either a taxi or the 561 bus.
  • The journey time from the bus stop at the station (bus stop 1) to
  • the stop "Universität" (the main entrance is situated on Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str.),
  • in addition to the stop "Landesarchiv/-bibliothek" (get off here for the research buildings and the Otto Mayer Guest House on Otto-Mayer-Str.) is around 5 minutes.

The buses usually depart every 60 minutes from Speyer Bus Station (ZOB Speyer), which is also situated at Speyer Central Station.
Bike rental stations run by VRNextbike can be found opposite the entrance of Speyer Central Station and next to the main entrance of the university.
Timetable information for buses and trains can be found at VRN.

Speyer bus network map
Timetable for the 561 bus


While there is no central taxi office in Speyer, there are several reliable operators:

  • Taxidienst Walter Merl jun. 062 32 - 24 117
    (24 hours every day)
  • Taxi Service Werner Huber 062 32 - 290 292
    (24 hours every day)
  • Taxi-Ernsdörfer GmbH 062 32 - 77 559
    (Mo-Fr. 8:00-18:00 or advanced booking)
  • Taxi Peter Halling 062 32 - 754 39
    (Mo-Th 6:00-00:00; Fr and Sa 24 hours)
  • Taxi Rolf Detzner 062 32 - 686 55 57
    (Mo-Fr 7:00-00:00; Sa 7:00 to Su 6:00)
  • Taxihaus Speyer, owner Raimund Halling 062 32 - 63 58 58
    (Mo-Th 6:00 to 4:00 the following day; Fr and Sa from 6:00 to 6:00 the following day; Sun 18:00 to 6:00 the following day)

Dial-a-ride taxis in Speyer

Unlike a conventional taxi, dial-a-ride taxis (AST) mostly operate during periods of low traffic in the evening, like a bus service with fixed routes on a fixed schedule, stopping at predetermined stops. A dial-a-ride system is in operation in Speyer, but it requires a passenger to book in advance. High capacity taxis or minibuses are used for this service. The fare is significantly lower than that of a normal taxi.