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The Magister Rerum Publicarum Programme

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The Magister Rerum Publicarum Programme

The university offers a one-year post-graduate course in administrative sciences. This course aims at providing future senior civil servants with an understanding of the duties and requirements of present-day public administration. A graduate of this course is expected to be able to judge and solve administrative problems on the basis of both his/her university education and his/her knowledge of other fields. The one-year course is thus open to graduates of law, economics, history or sociology striving for a career in the civil service and wishing to extend their knowledge and upgrade their qualifications. This programme begins every May 1 and lasts one year. It comprises two terms of lecture periods, at least eight weeks of on-the-job training in administration, and an examination period of three months which begins immediately after the second lecture term at the university.
For all students, specific basic courses are mandatory. Each semester, students have to attend two courses with course assessment in this section.
Additionally, the course covers various subjects and each student is free to choose those subjects (core classes/ additional classes) from the following:Public Tasks, Organization and Proceedings

Each term, students must attend one seminar and one study group which focuses on a project out of their chosen field of study (project-related work-group) and other lectures (six hours of study per subject /chosen field of study, see above). Attendance must be verified through the attainment of the relevant certificates. The final examinations are held after the second term. They consist of a dissertation and an oral examination. Students who pass these examinations will be awarded the degree of "Magister der Verwaltungswissenschaften" (Mag. rer. publ.).
The programme provides the knowledge and skills which help the professional administrator meet the challenges of modern administration and thus, improves the student's chances of employment in the civil service.
More information is available in the Studien- u. Prüfungsordnung (general rules for studies and examinations, in German language)


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