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Three-Month Course

Untermenue aufklappen

The Three-Month Course

of three parts:

Introductory lectures

This is an introduction to specific areas of the administrative sciences.
In the introduction section, lectures and seminars provide a general insight into the fields of law, administrative sciences, economics and sociology.

Core areas

The core sections deal with

The extension section

In the extension section, language and rhetoric courses are offered, along with seminars on conference and negotiating techniques and public relations. Besides there are special formats for the preparation of the second state examination for students completing the legal internship for trainee lawyers.
Students who take the one-term course may choose their areas of study according to their own individual interests. As the student body is made up of postgraduate students only, the structure and contents of the lectures and seminars can be organized accordingly. By teaching in small groups, the university tries to encourage its students to actively participate in lectures, seminars, study groups, colloquia and practical classes.
The one-term course does not lead to an examination; thus, no degree is awarded at the end. In order to be considered to have completed the course successfully, the student must have attended at least twenty hours of classes per week and must have obtained certificates for his/her successful participation in both one study group and in one seminar.


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