Doctoral Studies

For admission to the examination procedure, which is applied for with the submission of the completed dissertation, the doctoral regulations (§ 2 para. 1) stipulate that proof of participation in the courses offered by Speyer University according to § 21 para. 1 sentence 3 must be provided.

The doctoral regulations further specify that doctoral candidates are entitled to participate in the courses of Speyer University within the scope of the places available. Speyer University also ensures course formats that are especially tailored to the needs of doctoral candidates (e.g. doctoral colloquia or doctoral seminars).

Pursuant to § 6 (doctoral regulations), doctoral candidates are obliged to follow any advice, comments or suggestions made by their respective supervisors. This also expressly refers to the range of courses offered by Speyer University which should be taken up by the doctoral students.

Speyer University therefore recommends that you consult the respective supervisor of the dissertation at an early stage.


Those who have been admitted as doctoral candidates by the doctoral committee are enrolled as doctoral candidates only upon request. The dissertation should be submitted within four years. After expiry of this period, enrolment as a doctoral candidate is only possible in justified exceptional cases and for a maximum of a further two years.

Should you wish to pursue doctoral studies, but have not yet been admitted by the doctoral committee, you may be enrolled for a maximum of two semesters.