Upon successful completion of your doctoral studies at the German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer, you will be awarded one of the following doctoral degrees:

  • Doctor of Administrative Sciences (Dr. rer. publ)
  • Doctor of Law (Dr. jur.)
  • Doctor of Public and Economic Sciences (Dr. rer. pol.)

They will be conferred on the basis of a dissertation and an oral doctoral exam (disputation). It represents an additional qualification which gives evidence of your ability to work in a scientific and problem-oriented manner and also demonstrates your strong interest in the research object "Administration".

Your postdoctoral prospects

A doctorate can increase your chances of obtaining a management position in public administration at federal, state and local levels, in politics, in associations and in commercial enterprises. It enables doctoral students, similar to the other courses of study at Speyer University, to deepen and extend their knowledge of administrative science on an interdisciplinary basis.

Future candidates

Graduates with above-average qualifications in the fields of law, public administration, social sciences or economics who have completed their studies with an outstanding state exam, master's degree, magister’s degree (German university degree awarded mainly in the humanities) or university diploma are eligible to apply. On an exceptional basis, graduates of other disciplines may also be admitted.


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Barbara Schneider
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Doctoral Regulations